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The first batch of 50 machines is currently in production with a ship date on or before June 1, 2024.

Get your order in now and take advantage of a one time $500 discount. When all 50 are sold, the pre-order special ends.


There are a few changes to the production models over the prototypes including a low heat transfer carbon fiber portafilter, a new reservoir hatch handle, and  a new drip tray design. These changes can be seen in the images above.  Please click the "Specifications" tab above for details about the machine operation and specifications.



The Lunar Espresso Module pays tribute to the incredible engineering, craftsmanship, and courage the men who made it happen possessed. Starting with a design that gives a retro haptic experience through robust dials, switches, and analog gauges, it is precision machined and built in the USA.  The machine is a work of CNC art with its machined chassis of type III hard-coated 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber. The plumbing, fittings, pump cylinder, and reservoir are all stainless steel. Like the cockpit of the original Lunar Lander, it features a simple green readout for the onboard sensors. As with the Lunar Excursion Module, this machine is meant to be piloted. You are in full control of every parameter required to make the perfect shot. You have precise control in real time and on the fly- no programming - of the pressure, temperature, and duration at extraction. The Lunar Espresso Module promises the most fun you'll have making espresso.



Lunar Espresso Module

$2,895.00 Regular Price
$2,395.00Sale Price
Shipping June 1, 2024
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