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Lunar Lander 1_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The UNO Lander is an expandable and modular prototyping platform for the Arduino UNO. It is a CNC machined, stable, non-slip platform for building out all of your Arduino UNO projects . All LanderWorks products are 100% made in the USA and precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum. They come with stainless steel torx head M3 screws for the legs and M2 screws for mounting the Arduino board to the lander. It has attachment points for several different modules which allow you to integrate switches, potentiometers, prototyping boards and displays. The Uno Lander features non-slip rubber pads on the legs.  It has provision for a 9 volt battery clip under the base. All LanderWorks Modules work with all the LanderWorks landers. With the use of the PCB Module, landers can be connected to each other expansion. For more information about module options and reference dimensions along with links to compatible components, visit the MODULES page. The UNO Lander is available in the basic configuration without modules or with Module Packages that can be selected to the right. Additional modules can be purchased separately on the shop page. Please note: all LanderWorks Modules work with all LanderWorks Landers.




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